Kamis, 21 April 2011

Dialogue Business Trip

Rio’s Business Trip

Rio is going on his first business trip. He’s talking to Fina about it.
Rio : (enthusiasm) Hey Fina, guess what! The boss is sending me to the Aussie for a marketing seminar next month.
Fina : Ah hah, I’m certain that you will be happy. You’ve been itching to go on a business trip for months.

Satriya, the boss, is coming.
Satriya : Ehem.. ehem..
Rio and Fina : (Stand up, greeting) Good morning, boss.
Satriya : Morning.
Fina : So, what will we talk about in this meeting?
Satriya : Rio’s business trip. Because you are the last person who went on a business trip for last year, it’s likely if you explain your experience to Rio.
Fina : Ok, boss. Before that, may I know where will Rio go?

Satriya : Sydney New South Wales Australia. This company provides service to stay at the Shangri-La Hotel Sydney and eat at the Mazzaro Restaurant. Whereas the main activity in the Riverview Seminar Centre Sydney for a marketing seminar next month. Rio can also go to places tourism in Sydney. 
Rio : Yeah, it’s fantastic. And yesterday you said there’ll be more coming up, so I should get a corporate card. Problem is, I’m certain that I don’t know how to proceed. Can you fill me in? 
Fina : Sure, no problem. First, go see the secretary and tell her where you’re going and when. She’ll arrange for transportation and hotel through our travel agent, and give you the tickets and itinerary in a few days. At the same time, ask her for an application form for the card. 
Rio : Will I use the card for everything? 
Fina : No, we have company credit arrangements with some major airlines and hotels. For this trip, you’ll probably only use it for food. Not all restaurants accept the card, so you may have to pay cash. 
Rio : Oh yeah, Mr. Satriya, Do I pay out of my own pocket? 
Satriya : Afraid so. We used to have cash advances, but the company stopped that when they started issuing cards. 
Rio : Will the company reimburse everything? 
Satriya : No, there are maximum rates. I’ll give you a list. Of course, personal items aren’t covered. And make sure you keep all your receipts. You’ll have to attach them to your expense account when you get back. 
Rio : Anything else? 
Fina : Hmm Rio, since you’ll be traveling often, apply for a frequent flyer card. It’s unlikely that you will get a problem if you careful in your business trip to Aussie. 
Satriya : You may get a wonderful day in Sydney. Good luck. (Stand up) 
Fina : Yeah, Good luck Rio. (Stand up and smile) 
Rio : Thank you. (Stand up, feels happy and shake hands with Satriya and Fina)